Welcome to my blog. I have no experience in writing blogs and my English sucks but hopefully you will get something useful from reading it. I am by no means expert in programming, i'm just junior but i want to share my knowledge to make SailfishOS app ecosystem a better place. Also from time to time i'll post tech info. Happy reading!

Audiophile ways on SailfishOS

As this blog isn't only about design but also my adventures with technology, I'll describe what I've learned and discovered while trying to be audiophile on SailfishOS. In simple terms, its hard yet if you got skills its doable

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Designing SailfishOS applications

So you want to create a Sailfish OS application? Great! First step you should take is to design it!

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Hello! I decided to write hello-worldy post because it's so empty here. So basically what is this about. I won't really post beginners tutorials into programming here, instead i will post what not to do and how it should be done when developing apps for SailfishOS. Additionally i will sometimes post about tech stuff I've learned. 

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